April 24, 2013

Mail-time: Rescue Beauty Lounge Emoting Me

If you ever order polish online, you know that finding a parcel on your doorstep with a 'FRAGILE' sticker is the most exciting thing!

Anyway, here's Ham-

This is the misery I put him through:

This is pretty much my face when I know I'm about to open a RBL order:

Let's open it!

The polishes come so nicely presented is a tissue-paper-wrapped polish brick of sorts.

The boxes:

Turn it Around:

Shimmery goodness ahhhHHHHH!

(one thing I think could be improved about the RBL packaging is the label on the bottom.  It never seems to be adhered very well, and falls off easily.)



I'm so excited to try these out! Today was a good polish day.

Bottle shots!

I will be swatching these very soon, so stay tuned!  
(I've also been working on everyone's requests from this post!)


  1. These photos (and polishes, that's what it is about of course) are gorgeous! And I just love the faces Ham makes, haha <3

  2. It's so clever how animals are able to "emote you". Hehe! It is said that animals also have a tendency to resemble their owners in some ways,not looks,but in personality.

    Turn It Around looks like one I would love to see swatched.The bottle shot is gorgeousness!