April 1, 2013

Mail-time: LVX Polishes!

Ham found a small box!

When LVX was featured again on hautelook.com, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  At over half-off for each polish, it was a killer bargain.

carrot enticement

My dog is a greedy little monster.

My previous experience with this brand was nothing but positive.  They make really high-quality formulas!

The only thing about Hautelook is that the shipping can take a while, so these were sort of a much-needed surprise today!

Let's open it!

I got two shades this time, since there wasn't anything else that looked totally unique.  As a new brand, LVX has a current color range that is somewhat limited.

Top: LVX- Avireo
Bottom: LVX- Midori

Midori is a really saturated, bright, limey chartreuse, and Avireo is a lovely, faded army green.  I don't think I have anything quite like them!

I'm really into obnoxious highlighter colors at the moment, so I had to put Midori on immediately!

Swatches to come, stay-tuned!


  1. Ok, totally polish unrelated, but your house always seems so clean and white in the background of your pics. Whenever I look at pictures of homes in magazines, I always wonder who lives there since it's so neat, haha. I guess it's you!

    1. Haha, thank you! I wish! That is just the entrance-way where we have some white linoleum. Most of the rest of the house is ugly oatmeal-colored carpet. Ew.