March 24, 2013

[Press Release] Zoya: Stunning & Irresistible for Spring 2013

Zoya has just announced twelve new polishes for Spring 2013! 

There are two mini collections of six shades each.  "Stunning"  has six bright cremes, and "Irresistible" has six bright "foil metallic" finishes.

Zoya SUMMER 2013: STUNNING Collection

    Darcy (ZP663) - Sunny Yellow Cream - Full Coverage
    Thandie (ZP664) - Citrus Orange Cream - Full Coverage
    Micky (ZP665) - Amazing Coral Cream - Full Coverage
    Yana (ZP669) - Rubine Red Cream - Full Coverage
    Josie (ZP667) - Grassy Green Cream - Full Coverage
    Rocky (ZP668 ) - Serene Blue Cream - Full Coverage

Zoya SUMMER 2013: IRRESISTIBLE Collection

    Kerry (ZP684) - Yellow Gold Foil Metallic - Full Coverage
    Amy (ZP670) - Red Orange Foil Metallic - Full Coverage
    Tinsley (ZP671) - Rose Gold Foil Metallic - Full Coverage
    Bobbi (ZP672) - Hot Magenta Pink Foil Metallic - Full Coverage
    Hazel (ZP673) - Blue Green Foil Metallic - Full Coverage
    Rikki (ZP674) - Fern Green Foil Metallic - Full Coverage

These will be available starting April 15th!

I love Zoya, but I'm not so sure about these.  I wish there were bottle shots to look at.  Maybe there are a couple from Irrisistible that will be interesting, but the rest don't look terribly unique to me.  We'll have to wait and see!

What do you think- does this collection catch your eye?

$8.00 ea. (US).
Available on

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