March 14, 2013

Mail-time: Nail Art Society March Bag [Review]

Yesterday, I received the March Nail Art Society bag. 

Oh, what did you find, Ham-nozzle?

He was so good waiting for his baby carrot:

He even reached out with his tongue to taste it, but did not take it.  I wasn't fast enough for that shot though!

Anyway, let's open this thing!

^The goods! No actual polish this month, sorrow.  (Unless you count the nail appliques?)

This month the design theme is "3D Freestyle."  The nail art design info card:

The picture gives you some ideas, I suppose, and this is supposed to be "freestyle," but it seems like a crazy collage advertisement for the products to me?

The reverse:

Oh, okay.  So, this month is also a contest, and there will be a winner for best use of each of the products, as I understand it.  Orly Spring/ Summer polish is the prize, so that's sweet!

The hash tag lists are really out of control, wow!

Let's take a closer look at some of the products:

The big ticket item here is the Nail Fraud at-home dry manicure, AKA nail appliques.  They retail for $12 USD, from what I can tell.

Mine came in a purple and pink leopard print, which I actually really like, and will be using for accent nails.

I haven't tried them yet, and am unsure of the quality.  Also, I'm spoiled by Incoco, so these have big shoes to fill.

Here's the back of the package:

What's hilarious is the use of "Fraud" as a noun: "Use an emery board to trim the Fraud to fit your nail."    Lololololol....okay then, if you say so.

Next, is a package of fimo-ish roses:

Pretty. However, I don't know if you can tell, but they are super thick!  (They're about 4mm thick, on average, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it is!)  3D, that's for sure.

Look at that!  That is some Lady Gaga shit.  I don't know how they'd ever stay on your nails longer than five minutes.

Last, are little pots of 3D baubles:

Watermelon slices:

These are cute, but quite imperfect.

Some purple plastic dome sparkly things:

They're conveniently flat on one side.

About a million iridescent yellow flowers:

The iridescent part is green, and they are actually kinda neat-looking.

Last, some bright purple caviar microbeads:

I'm not sure if I will ever have a use for those, since I hate fish egg nails.

What I do like about this bag:
  • Everything seems semi-color-coordinated, which is helpful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • I've never heard of Nail Fraud: they came in a great pattern, and I'm excited to try them.  
What I dislike:
  • Disappointed there's no actual polish.
  • The 3D baubles seem sort of cheap, and not really that varied.  (Do I need 10,000 purple microbeads or yellow flowers?  No.) It would've been better to send a wheel with more choices, and fewer of each design.
  • The roses are so thick, I honestly don't think there is any point in using them aside from taking nail photos. 
  • For people that pay the $19.95 monthly price, this bag does not come close to value.  I'd say, at most it is worth about ~$15.

I will disclose that I immediately cancelled my subscription after I received this bag.  I hadn't done it sooner because I wanted to give the service a fair chance, and because I had locked in the 9.95 price.  I also enjoyed reviewing it on Polish Hound, to be honest!

However, I recently wished to change my billing information, and found there was no way to do it on the website.  You have to contact customer service, which I did.  They never followed up with me properly, so I will bid this service adieu, and not feel too badly about it!

I still wait for the perfect nail polish subscription service!


  1. I quite like the purple plastic dome sparkly things! (I was already wondering how I would call those, haha)

    1. Lol, yea they will probably be pretty cute in nail art!