February 14, 2013

[Nail Art] Valentine's Day- Mixed Techniques

I attempted some nail art for Valentine's Day, but I couldn't decide which technique to use, so I layered a few!

I started off with A England- Dorian Gray as a base color.  Then I sponged on Misa- Grey Matters starting at the tips.  Over that, I sponged Barrielle- Sailor's Delight, the pink color that you see. Then, I used a white Stripe Rite striper to make simple vertical stripes on each nail.  I added three simple rhinestones to one nail, and decided another nail needed a heart.

I wanted to try a stenciled gradient heart, based on this tutorial, but first I needed a solid surface on which to apply the heart gradient, so I made a large heart stencil, and painted one coat of Zoya- Purity over it, then removed quickly.

To do the gradient part, I created a smaller heart stencil and nested it on top of the original heart outline, which was then white.  Then I just painted a gradient onto a makeup sponge and dabbed at the second stencil, then removed.

The polishes I used for the heart's gradient are Misa- Today Is My Birthday, Butter London- Cake-Hole, and Zoya- Purity:

Zoya- Purity, Butter London- Cake-Hole, Misa- Today Is My Birthday

Then, a final rhinestone was added to the heart!

My topcoat did smudge the heart a little bit, unfortunately.  Sort of a grunge effect.

I've decided these nails are sort of like romantic-circus-bigtop.

I have to admit that, while fun, this nail art involved a lot of fiddly steps, and I did not do my dominant (non-photographed) hand!  I will probably just wear plain grey/white stripes on that hand...hmm.  I'm a lazy nail blogger, but who has the time?!

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