February 16, 2013

Mail-time: Nail Art Society February Bag [Review]

Here is the February bag from the Nail Art Society subscription service.

I received it yesterday, February 15th- which is really unfortunate because the contents are very specifically Valentine's Day- themed.  I'm super disappointed about this, because it means they failed to consider shipping and delivery time.  Who wants a Valentine's Day manicure the day after?

Anyway, let's get to it-

Hello, this is dog.  Give me tasty things.

Let's open 'er up!

Everything packaged within another layer of bubble wrap. (Oh, by the way, this time the outer black bubble mailer was completely sealed closed, seemed very secure.)

The nail art card (the design is called "Unchain My Heart"):


First, a baby pink polish by Finger Paints:

These are sold at Sally Beauty Supply, if you did not know, and I have personally never tried them.  The bottle is shaped like Comic Sans, if Comic Sans were a glass bottle.  And, I guess that has turned me off.

It's in the color "Pink Imagination."  It's got a little hidden silver shimmer in it.

Also, it is quite sheer:

Not an ugly color, though.

That swatch wheel is white, so the opacity is a little deceptive.  I suspect that, on real nails, it will look a little less opaque at each stage than above.

A nail file block with patterned hearts:

Cute, but pretty useless, in my opinion.  It has that really gritty sandpaper texture, so it's not a buffing block.  It's meant as a file, and as most of us know, these are awful for your nails.  I prefer a glass file, and will never use this thing.

A wooden dotting tool:

Useful if you didn't have one already.  (I did.) It has two differently-sized dotters at each end.

Some tiny gold-colored, metal decal/ applique things that say "Love" in script:

Hmm, I'm not a fan, but I can see some people liking these.  They're quite small; one is about the length of my cuticle (top).

Some gold-toned chain:

Ummm, I find this really tacky.  Not sure what else to say. It's that really brassy, obviously-fake gold tone (the photo is more flattering than real life!).  I'm not opposed to chains, per se, on nails.  But this one is going to look horrible, in my opinion.

A square of nail art lace:

It's pink with some shiny silver bits.  Could be interesting, I guess.

And- that's it!

Overall, I've got to say I am completely underwhelmed with this one, and it makes me want to cancel my subscription, which I might.  The fact that I received this after* Valentine's Day, which it was marketed for, is really disappointing, and sort of ruins the whole bag for me.  By this time in February, people are sick of pink hearts! (Just sayin'.)

*(Now, maybe I got my bag late, I'm not sure, but even so, I feel like it should have arrived by the 13th, latest, so you'd have time to actually execute a Valentine's Day design!)

And, the items?  Well, also disappointing.  The polish is not my favorite, but I suspect that they do not send everyone the same color.

Finger Paints polishes- retail for 5.29 (4.49 if you have a Sally's card)  The rest of the supplies feel rather cheap, and I suspect they add little overall value to the contents of the bag as a whole.  So, I don't think this bag is worth $20- or even the $10 that I pay!  Bleagh!


  1. Wait...the Nail Art card shows a hot pink polish, but they send a baby pink? Um, no, NAS.

    I have a couple of Finger Paints polishes; they're not bad, although the color selection is smaller than Orly or CG and they rarely seem to bring out new shades. It's a lower-cost alternative for basic colors.

    Also, Hambone is utterly adorable. :-)

    1. How do you find the quality, overall, on the Finger Paints you have?

      I will pass the compliment on to Hambone, thank you so much for reading! :)

    2. Pretty good, although I haven't worn them a lot just yet. But the formula is a nice consistency and they hold up well with everyday wear.

  2. Wow, so many things wrong here, lol. Youkre not the first gal I've read tody saying she's done with this box. That pink does look really pretty, though, and Hambone is utterly adorable :)

    1. Aw thanks! Yea, I was hoping NAS would get their act together more quickly, but I dunno now.

  3. Oh boy!!! Hopefully the March package will be better.

  4. LOL @ Comic Sans bottle comment. Truth.