February 5, 2013

Mail-time: Mint Polishes!

(Ham looks so unimpressed here.)

Since you guys haven't really seen Hound-face in a while, here's a really old mail time I never posted! I had purchased these a while back after Mint had them half-off, a great sale!

They have been sitting untried, until recently, but I swatched them last weekend, and am excited to finally share them.

But first- the mail time!

Ham looked more impressed after I mentioned carrots.

It's attacking!

Ah! Anyway, let's open it:

Nice little box, and plenty of bubble wrap to keep everything safe.

A+ for the packaging. The mint-colored boxes (with mint leaves!) are really cute and professional, with the polish name on the top.

The colors:

Cute company tagline printed on the side of the bottles!

Bottle shots!

The tall, rectangular bottles are so pretty!  I am such a sucker for packaging, I admit it.

Original Mint, Lavender Macaron, Ribbon Dancer, Dirty Shirley

That's pretty much how my bottle of Ribbon Dancer showed up...a little less than full.  Hmm.  Nothing spilled in transit, so it was sent that way.  Hmm...

Stay tuned for swatches of these pretties!

A Note: Also, I wanted to mention that next week, I will be swatching red and pink polishes only for Valentine's day.  I have a lot of pinks saved up to show you, so it's the perfect time.  There will be a new swatch each day next week- hurrah!


  1. I love the polishes you got, specially the first 2 (I'm a sucker for pastels bhahaha). I look forward to see your swatches and reviews as this is a brand I had never heard of before but I want to know more about them (packaging junkie here too :)

    As always is good to see Ham too, we missed the little guy! :)

    1. Cool, I will have the swatches up soon. :) Ham says hello!

  2. Neat! I've never heard of this brand.