February 15, 2013

Essie- Silken Cord [Swatch]

How was everyone's Valentine's Day?  Are you guys sick of reds and pinks yet? Well too bad, I'm not done with them until Saturday- Buahaha!

Today I have a nice, clean red to show you: Essie- Silken Cord.  I think this is the first Essie polish I've shown on Polish Hound, which is a shame because I do really like the brand!

Silken Cord is a gorgeous, bright, Chinese red jelly-creme hybrid.  It definitely has red-orange undertones, but is still a cool red, somehow, to my eye.  Hmm, I'll just let you decide from the pictures.

Artificial light, two coats:

Mixed artificial & natural daylight:

Window-filtered daylight:

Shiny, shiny.

Outside, shade:


It looks much warmer in the sun, as most polish does.

Formula:  On the thick side, flows over nail easily, self-levels beautifully- very forgiving.  Not quite perfectly opaque in two coats, but no one else will spot the VNL other than me, so I wore it at two!

One thing to note is that it does want to stain your skin and cuticles when you go to remove it, so beware.


  1. This is my go-to red, I love it :) Your swatches are so beautiful x

  2. I love this red, one of my favorites, and I have a bunch of reds ;)