February 16, 2013

Butter London- Disco Biscuit [Swatch]

Welcome to the final day of my reds & pinks Valentine's Day "Week" swatchfest!
Today I have Butter London- Disco Biscuit to show you.  

Disco Biscuit is a very vibrant dark pink, almost berry-toned, jelly base with neon-ish purple/indigo tiny, square, glitter particles within.  It's an appropriate color for its name, since "disco biscuit" is British slang for MDMA/ ecstasy.  Yep.

Artificial light, six coats:

Six coats!  I know, I know.  What sane person would spend the time?  Normally, I would give up and layer it over another fuchsia, but I wanted to swatch it in its natural state, and I discovered there is still heavy visible nail line after that many coats.

It is really gorgeous though.  You can't see it in photos, but the microglitter in this is really special. It's an uncommon color for glitter/ shimmer so small, and it really twinkles when you move your fingers around.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Up close!

Formula: It's extremely sheer, even for a jelly.  SIX coats, guys.  Six.  And still pretty strong VNL. I don't think there's any way this baby goes opaque on its own; you definitely need to layer it over a similar base color.

However, it never got gummy on me, even though I used so many layers- so that says something positive about the formula, at least. (And, I did not wait in between coats.)

Two other cons:
1) It's pretty strong smelling, and that's not something that normally bugs me.
2) It stains your nails pretty righteously, so beware.

What do you guys think?  Is this color amazing enough to warrant all the drawbacks?


  1. It looks so cool and deep on its own! That's the thing with these gorgeous, sheer jellies, though, lol. I don't mind vnl with something this pretty. It's a little like Fantasy Fire and some of the SH Nail Prisms in that regard.

    1. I don't mind the VNL with jellies either as long as it's the not the main focal point, ya know? This just took a lot of layers for it not to be intrusive. But I still love it- going to layer with it!

  2. I recently got this one -along with a few other BLs- thanks to US friends and I love Disco Biscuit! Though I don't remember having problems with the sheerness, mine was good after 3 coats

    1. It is a great color, interesting you didn't have the same sheerness problem.

  3. Ugh, I love this polish so much, but I hate that it takes at least 4 coats to get a decent level of opacity. ;-;

    1. Yea, it's definitely more suited for layering. :)