January 8, 2013

[Press Release] China Glaze Hologlam Collection!

Something crossed my radar today, and I don't know if I'm slow on the uptake or what!  (Apologies if I am.)  Anyway, China Glaze will be releasing an entire collection of linear holographics this Spring!  How amazingly exciting is that? Way to be in tune with your consumer base, China Glaze!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for excellent formulas, and there are at least a few shades I'm interested in.

International Launch Date – March 2013

China Glaze Hologlam Spring 2013 Collection

  • Don’t Be A Luna-tic – turquoise aqua blue
  • Sci-fly By – light silver blue
  • Take a Trek – cool denim blue
  • Strap On Your Moonboots – midnight sky blue
  • Galactic Gray – warm gum metal
  • Cosmic Dust – silver metal
  • Get Outta My Space – powdered violet
  • Astro-Hot – soft baby pink
  • Infra-Red – warm magenta pink
  • When Stars Collide – warm maroon
  • Not In This Galaxy – bright warm coral
  • OMG A UFO – warm moss green

There are even little illustrated "swatches" of what the colors will look like:

I think the space theme is rather cute, and "OMG A UFO" cracks me up for some reason.  I officially can't wait for these...hello, feeble anorexic wallet.

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