January 21, 2013

Mail-time: Zoya Promo Overload Extravaganza!!!

Last week, my Zoya order (following this promo sale) arrived!  Mega-exciting!

I have to admit that I went totally overboard.  I wanted to spend $25 to get the free shipping, and that meant getting the 3 free polishes + at least 4 more polishes, since they're $8 each.  Well, I did that, and then apparently a few more fell into my basket as well.  Oops.

Let's open:

I also go some free Remove+ thrown in, as well as the Qtica Half Time drying drops, which I haven't tested yet.

Here's what comes inside the drying drops box:

Just the bottle, .25oz, plus an eyedropper.  I wonder if these really work. Hmmmmmmm...


Top: Luna, Trixie, Tao, Nimue, Adina, Opal
Bottom: Gilda, Renee, Nidhi, & 3 from the new Lovely collection: Gei Gei, Blu, & Julie

I'm thrilled with all of them (and a few I have been wanting forever, like Trixie & Adina!!) except Renee.  It just doesn't look like what I have seen in pictures, even swatched.  I was expecting a much brighter, more neon, lighter pink.  Huh.  Maybe it just photographs weird?

Nidhi, Gilda, Renee

Gei Gei, Blu, Julie

Luna, Trixie, Tao, Nimue

Adina, Opal

I wanted Chloe too, but I was cart-jacked!

For the record, this is what happens after a two-month long nail polish No-Buy probationary period. 

Swatches to come from my Lovely collection picks! Stay tuned!


  1. Awesome, what a haul! I love that you took pictures of the packaging, as well. I had no idea Zoya packaged/boxed their stuff so beautifully! And I know exactly what you mean about extra items 'finding' their way into your cart...the same thing has inexplicably happened to me! ;D

    1. Yea, Zoya is usually thoughtful about packaging and presentation. Glad you understand about the accidental extras, haha!

  2. For those Zoya promos, I regret not living in the states. I want to see trixie please :)

    1. Their promos are incredible, I feel for you! I know I am lucky to live here, where the polish is typically cheaper.

    2. PS: I will be sure to swatch Trixie! It just might be a few days. :)

  3. Wow you got lots of stuff!!! I only bought three polishes b/c I'm suppose to be on a no buy... suppose to be, I have a weakness. Awesome haul!

    1. I know, I feel like a bandit. I think no-buys go better when you cheat a little. If you're good like me, when it's over, you just go nuts and buy everything in sight. :)