January 17, 2013

Mail-time: Nail Art Society January Bag [Review]

Today I have the third [January] installment of Nail Art Society's monthly subscription service to show you.  I received it a few days ago, but am trying to get caught up in posting, so forgive me!

Anyway, I was not disappointed in this bag, so let's get to it!

Of course, Ham-dog just wants his treat.  Sometimes we call him Ham-nozzle because of that^.

First thing to note is that, although the black bubble mailers are distinctive, they seem to have a tendency to come open during shipment; this is how I received mine:

Fully open.  Luckily, nothing fell out.  Here's the goods:

Bag contained: a Cherimoya black nail art striper, a Layla Magneffect magnetic polish in '04 Turrquoise Wave,' a container of [30 or so] real Swarovski crystals, and a metal tweezer designed to pick up said crystals. 

The 'literature' that came with:

Here's the nail art design:

It's zebra stripes over the magnetic effect polish, with a crystal-encrusted accent nail.  The design is good, but I am still not pleased with the quality of the photos.  If a novice were trying to emulate this design, it would be helpful to have sharper, better images, I think. 

The written directions:

The Nail Art Society YouTube page does have some tutorials on general tiger striping nail art, but not one specifically made on how to complete this month's design, which seems lazy to me, somehow.

Well, let's take a closer look at what came in the bag!

Cherimoya brand nail striper in Black! (Note the exclamation mark.)

Here it is next to a Stripe Rite striper, which some of you may be familiar with (sold at Sally Beauty).  The Cherimoya is slightly larger, volume-wise.

Most importantly, the brushes:

Stripe Rite on the left, Cherimoya on the right

The Cherimoya striper brush is significantly thicker with a less-tapered point.  I had a harder time making fine, defined lines with it, although the polish itself is very, very pigmented.  

Layla magnetic polish in Turquoise Wave.

Here's a swatch:

It is absolutely a gorgeous color, and the magnetic effect was not hard to achieve, even though the magnetic cap does not have a guard so you can rest it without fear of actually coming in contact with the nail (like Color Club magnetic polishes).

For that swatch I did one normal coat, and then a thick second coat, and immediately held the magnet cap over it for about 30 seconds, as still and as close as I could. 

I honestly can't wait to wear that- probably will be my next manicure! (Probably without the tiger stripes.)

Really pretty Swarovski crystals.

Handy tweezer with which to pick them up.  (I actually needed this!)

Overall, I am really pleased with this bag, for the first time.  I don't know if it's worth $20, but as I'm, locked into the original $10 subscription price, it is definitely enough to keep me around for another month.

The Layla Magneffect polishes typically retail for around $15.50 each, so the inclusion of that alone is pretty great.  I'm not sure how expensive or not the Swarovski crystals that size are. I am grateful for the tweezer too, because I didn't really have one designed for picking up nail art rhinestones and such. 

All in all, this was a good bag for me.  Nail Art Society seems to be steadily improving.  I hope that they keep up the quality, and maybe try to further refine the pictures and literature they send next time.

What do you think?


  1. Your hound is so sooooo cuuuutttteeee!

  2. I love your dog!It´s so expressive :)

    The nail art products are fine. Enjoy them!

    1. I think so too. :) He's got personality! Thanks for reading!

  3. This Layla is sooo amazing! I love it! And your dog, he still so adorable. :)

    1. It is! It makes me want more of them. (It's my first one.)

  4. Looks like the Nail Art Society is turning out to be somewhat worth it.That Layla polish alone is worth the monthly charge. Very nice. :-)

    1. Yea, I am actually surprised they're being so responsive to criticism & customer response. Good on them!

  5. I have Turquoise Wave, it is wonderful! So pretty.
    PS: I adore the way you photograph unpacking and such :)

    1. Aw, thanks! I just try to tell the story of the unpacking process, haha!