January 24, 2013

Layla- Turquoise Wave 'Magneffect' [Swatch]

Here is the Layla- 04 Turquoise Wave, the magnetic ("Magneffect") polish in that came in the January Nail Art Society bag.

It's a really nice teal-leaning blue shimmer finish, which of course contains the special magnetic particles that react with the magnet provided in the polish cap.

Artificial light, two coats:

I applied one coat to all my nails, and then added a second, much thicker, coat and immediately held the magnet above the nail as close as I could, working each nail individually.  You want the polish to begin to dry while it is being magnetized, so that the magnetic particles stay separated from the rest of the polish.

I found that you really don't need to hold the magnet above your nail that long- maybe 5-8 seconds!  Compared to other magnetics I've tried, that's amazing! A definite plus for this polish.

Formula: Was great, no complaints: pretty much goes on like butter.

One thing I don't like is that the magnet is located on the top of the cap, which means that you have to have the bottle open [chemicals evaporating out of the polish] the entire time you're magnetizing the polish on your nail.  This may make the polish goopy in the future.

(The Color Club magnetic polishes overcome this by having a separate magnetic cap apart from the cap that actually closes the polish, which I feel works better to preserve the polish.)

The magnetic cap:

It's just a diagonal line, so you could use it in multiple ways: straight across the nail, vertically, or diagonally like I did.

Here's what the polish looks like before becoming magnetized, two coats:

It's nice on its own, albeit a little brush-stroke-y, which is not noticeable at normal viewing distances.

Another thing to note is that the magnetic effect is much stronger before topcoat is applied.  I'm not sure why this is, but it is.  You can see above on the swatch wheel that the design is much crisper and more dramatic compared to what's actually on my nails.  It's because there's no topcoat on that.

Additionally, topcoat does smear the design a little bit, even if you try not to touch the bristles to the nail.  So, I guess I'd recommend not using topcoat with these if you want the design to be especially sharp and defined.

This one was, by nature, relatively quick-drying on its own, so it shouldn't be too bad to forgo the usual quick-dry topcoat.


  1. Very pretty! I haven't tried a magnetic polish yet. I have been meaning to pick one up one of these days:)

    1. I know they are a 'fad' or whatever, but I think they're a really easy way to do nail art!

  2. Is there any reason one couldn't use another magnet? A magnet is a magnet-right? I have several hanging around the house-junk drawer things-
    I especially like the color..right now I'm,using CND Vinylux which is totally gloppy BUT I LOVE the color..very much a turquoise with green tones. I wear lots of turquoise jewelry (I sell it) and like to accent my rings & bracelets with the nail polish. This is a very similar color but now quite though the magnetic effect is tres cool.

    Just curious if you'e tried using another magnet on the polish.

    Muchas Gracias

    1. Hmmm, well this polish, and most magnetic polishes I know of- the magnet has a built-in pattern. You have to hold it above the polish while it sets, very still, for at least a few seconds...I had the best success with 20-30 seconds. A regular magnet would certainly work, but you wouldn't get a design; you'd probably just end up with a blob in the middle where the magnet was closest to the surface of the nail. Does that make sense?

      If you have more than one magnetic polish, you can certainly interchange the lids/ magnets to get different designs.