January 9, 2013

A England- "Thank You" Promo Sale

Just when you thought your bank account was safe, I have another promo for you!

Indie brand A England is currently having a promotional Thank You sale for their second anniversary.  They have some pre-selected duos for £10 each, and some pre-selected trios for £14 each.  Any individual color is only £6, which is reasonable, I think, as the quality is usually amazing!

Like always, A England's overseas shipping is free! (Bastards- my wallet!)

So, what do you think?  Is this promo tempting anyone?  I haven't really decided, but there are definitely a couple of colors I've been lemming, so I may capitulate to the awesomeness of this sale, haha!


  1. Thank you, I couldn't resist!

    1. You're welcome! Neither could I! I ended up getting Dorian Gray & Order of the Garter. It's just so hard to resist free overseas shipping. *Sigh*