December 14, 2012

Mail-time: Nail Art Society- December Bag [Review]

The Hound has discovered a black envelope this morning!

He conducts a thorough investigation....and-

...It's the December bag from Nail Art Society! Let's see how this one compares to the last one, shall we? 

First thing to note is that the corner of the envelope was a little pulled open, but I don't think there's anything missing, because-

-It was wrapped in another layer of bubble wrap, seems pretty secure!

Here's the nail art card:

The design is called Dripping in Diamonds, and I'm sort of disappointed they didn't include a picture of how it is supposed to look!  At least they didn't spell anything incorrectly this time though.

They do describe how the nail art is supposed to look very well though.  I think it's basically supposed to be a rhinestone gradient, with dense rhinestones at the tip, and fewer towards the cuticle, if that makes sense.

And, here are the goodies!

Two matte polishes from Cherimoya (more on that to come), some nail glue, some reaaaally pretty rainbow-iridescent rhinestones in various sizes, and some Cherimoya nail polish removal pads.

These rhinestones are really nice, and I am sort of excited about them since I didn't actually have any- perfect for some Holiday nail art!

I tried one of these remover pads on my toes really quickly, and it was just mediocre at removing the polish- although I was wearing a rough glitter, so maybe it wasn't a fair shake.  Maybe they would work for a regular creme finish.  At any rate, a good thing to have in your purse, maybe.

They do leave an oil behind, so they are probably a little moisturizing, and they smell like baby powder.  They are acetone free.

matte*n*a by Cherimoya in "Mystery" and "Blockbuster", left to right

And...the polish.  I actually have never heard of Cherimoya- have I been living in a hole?  I'm not sure, but they have a whole line of matte polishes.  The company seems new or unestablished to me- their blog isn't even up and running yet.  The polishes are Big 3-free though, which is nice, although they do smell horrid to me!  I do really like the colors though.

Apparently these are sold at some Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores. Although prices were not listed on the Cherimoya website, Amazon and eBay seem to agree that these are very cheap polishes (not necessarily a bad thing).  I will have to wait until I use them to find out.


I do want to disclose that about a week ago I received an email from Nail Art Society stating that the pricing structure was changing.  (Already? I feel like they just launched- this is only the second bag!)

Here is the majority of the email:
"To our loyal customers,

We thank you for being early adopters to and truly appreciate your support and loyalty. We are currently making major changes to the website and are currently working on a new product line that will benefit everyone! New products, a completely new interactive website; with dynamic expansive content going forward and a moderated discussion forums (by top bloggers in their respective fields and our staff) - all coming very soon.  Unfortunately, with these new changes we are forced to have to change our pricing model, but YOU will not be affected."

(So, if I stay on, it will only be $9.95/ month, since I was an 'early adopter.')

However, :
"The new pricing for new members going forward will be $19.95 a month. "
I'm not sure what I have been receiving would be worth $20.00, to be honest.  The nail art supplies can be had on the cheap on eBay or Amazon, so the value of the bags really hinges on the polishes that they throw in.  This month, the polishes were really pretty, but inexpensive. 


  1. I like your dog, he is so adorable. :)

    1. Aw, thank you! Actually my mother thinks he is ugly, haha! (But I haven't told him, it would affect his self-esteem!)

  2. I don't think what you received is worth $20, but the idea behind this is very cute!:)

    1. Yea, I agree. The world totally needs a *good* monthly nail polish subscription though. I so wanted Nail Art Society to be that!

  3. Agree with Jackie but again still very cute idea and Hambone is soooo cute! Great post. (:

  4. Cute blog! Your dog is sooo cute. I bet you have lots of fun with him/her. Lol! Sometimes we tend to buy things that are way too much money on the items we receive but we do learn. Yeah, for all nailart items Ebay has the best deals :)

    1. Aw, thanks. Yes, we do have a lot of fun. He's a good boy.

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and love the posts with you dog, he's so cute <3 <3
    I'm following you know and I look forward to read more of you :D (in the meantine, I'll be catching up on your old posts).

    Have a great day!

    1. Hello, and thank you for reading! I mostly just include Ham in the Mail-time posts- I haven't really figured out how to integrate him into the rest of the blog yet. :)