November 16, 2012

Mail-time: Pomegranate Polishes!

Pups has found an envelope!

...but...he really just wants his treat for posing so nicely with the mail:

So, what's inside?

Some Pomegranate shades!

Actually, I received these some time ago, but am just getting around to posting...swatching polish and photographing the results is time-consuming!

Left to Right: Curator, Midnight Satellite, Enchanted Lagoon, Blue Screen Of Death

I have seen and admired so many shots of Blue Screen Of Death, and Curator is so unique, I couldn't resist!

More bottle shots:

I am sort of perturbed that the caps don't match...oh, well.  The colors are so pretty in the bottle though!

Swatches to come- stay tuned!


  1. I am in love with your puppy, and the pictures you take are sublime)

  2. Omg Blue Screen Of Death looks amazing!! Your puppy is sooooo gorgeously cute! x

    1. It IS amazing- it's my favorite of the four! I will tell Ham you said so. :)