November 17, 2012

Mail-time: Nail Art Society- First Monthly Bag [Review]

Hambone has found another envelope- this time, a shiny black one!

A second mail-time in two days? I am a lucky girl! (And so is derpy-face, because it means more carrot treats.  Yes, carrots!)

I actually received this envelope yesterday, and this one is exciting because it is a new monthly subscription service by Nail Art Society containing items solely related to nail art (kind of like Birchbox or any of the other myriad makeup sample subscriptions.)

This is the first installment; they're a brand new service.  From the Nail Art Society website:

"A new way to try the latest trends in Nail Art at home for $9.95 a month! "
 I'll tell you my initial thoughts below, after the pictures:

Inside were a few printed cards with various info. which I will show you, as well as a really shiny sequined pouch/ makeup bag. 

Inside the makeup bag, I found:

A roll of silver nail striping tape, some natural feathers, and a full-size LVX polish(!).

The LVX polish is in a shade called "Legendaire," and is really girly and pretty! Sort of a greyed-lavender creme. LVX is a new brand, and is on the higher end, so the polish alone makes this month's bag worth the price of  $9.95.

I actully just bought some LVX off of Hautelook recently though, and Legendaire was among them! Aargh!  That's no matter- this one will become part of an upcoming giveaway!

Here are the info cards that were supplied along with the nail art supplies:

So the nail design card contained in this bag is boldly labelled "Feathers & Sequence."  Uh, I'm pretty sure they mean 'sequins,' since the back shows a small container of silver sequins, and the directions talk about picking "up the Sequence and apply to nail."

Speaking of "Sequence," I did not receive mine!  How disappointing- I cannot complete the "Feathers & Sequence" design!  I've contacted customer support, and will edit this post when/if I hear back from them.  So we will find out how good their customer service is...


Can you see how tore-up this mani is?! I mean, they could have at least slapped some moisturizer on before taking the photo! And, you can see the edges of the striping tape lifting- it's just not a very good presentation of the nail art design!

I do get where they were going with it, and I love the idea; I'm a big fan of the different-but-subtly-related-designs-on-each-nail look, but the execution is lacking in the photo.

Next is an LVX card:

Lastly, there's a "What's Trending" card with some nail art designs.  On the back are the contributor credits:

So, overall I am relatively satisfied with this bag, at least value-wise.  I'm disappointed they forgot to include the "sequence," and it is a little weird they can't spell the word correctly.

I was a little surprised by the presentation of the main nail art design- it seemed so sloppy!  The polish is great, though, and the feathers are nice.  I've been meaning to do a feather design anyway.

It seems like they have some kinks to work out, but I'm going to stay on for at least another month, and see if there are improvements.

Useful Links:

Did anyone else subscribe to Nail Art Society?


  1. Get that girl some moisturizer, stat! Ouch, that just looks painful!

    Weird on the "sequence" thing! O.o

  2. Not bad at all! If we had this here in Portugal, I would subscribe it, for sure.

    1. Well, these monthly beauty subscriptions are becoming more popular, so hopefully you will have something like it in the future!

  3. My puppers loves carrots too!! I have a feeling if my mail came through the door, it would be gone by the time I came home!!

    1. Haha, it doesn't actually come through the door. ;)

  4. I subscribed to this service as well. I guess since I'm not a blogger, I got sent 2 bottles of $1.40 Cherimoya nail polish (smells like toxic chemicals), a box of rhinestones I could get on ebay for $1 and a tiny bottle of nail glue I can get from the Dollar Tree. Buyers beware this scam company.

    1. I'm pretty sure the company didn't know I was a blogger. I haven't even been blogging that long. I'm sorry about your bad experience though. :(

  5. Cool!!! A great way to try new stuff!