November 14, 2012

A Change in Nail Shape

So, I've been having this problem.  I'm a relatively new nail blogger, and my 'swatching hand' is my left hand, since SLR/DSLR cameras are right handed.  You just cannot shoot with them in your left hand, so I have been holding the camera with my right and photographing swatches on my left hand nails.

The problem is:

My left hand is also my fretting hand.

My longish oval nails were getting in the way of good finger positioning on the strings.  And, while I sort of like the retro look of round/ oval nails, I realized I wasn't practicing as much since I began blogging, simply because it was very impractical.  It's unfortunate, too, because the longer oval nails work great for fingerpicking with my right hand- but, that's not the hand I can photograph.

TL;DR: I have cut my nails down into shorter squovals! 

It's quite a change; I feel as if my hands have a new personality.

I always file or cut my nails down while there is still polish on so I can get a better idea of the shape.  Sometimes naked nails can look uneven because each nail has a unique free-edge line which is not always straight or symmetrically curved.  The polish helps see the bigger picture.

PS:  The nail art is leftover from my friend's nail art party- with a coat of Essie- Matte About You on top.  I think mattifying glitter is the best thing.

What is your most comfortable or favorite nail length & shape?


  1. If you prefer to take pictures of your right hand (like I do): I use a gorilla pod (small, flexible tripod) and a remote control release. With these gadgets it's no problem to take pictures of your right hand.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I do have tripods and a release, but I take photos in all kinds of lighting situations, and it is just easier and faster to hand hold the camera most of the time. :) Good tips, though.

  2. Totally agree that mattified glitter is the best - I love this mani, mostly because of the beautiful pink and the mattified glitter! I just cut my nails too, not for anything as cool as playing the guitar, I had a break so off they went!!

    1. Aw, thanks. Yours look great. I like keeping all my nails the same length, so I understand cutting them down after a break. :)