October 21, 2012

[Swatch] & [Comparison] Color Club- Halo-graphic

Today, I have my other pick from the Halo Hues collection: Color Club- Halo-graphic. (Hardee har har.)

Artificial light, two coats:

The base color is in the pink (or maybe really warm lavender) family, but it's sort of muted in a mauve-y sort of way.

The holographic effect usually only shows up in sunlight for me, not artificial lighting (flash), so the fact that I could already see rainbows here was a good sign!

Outside, shade:


It's another very, very strong linear holo! I am not disappointed.

Look at the rainbows in that bottle!

Formula: The formula on this was amazing for a holographic polish- about the same experience as Harp On It.  Like Harp On It, though, it's prone to bubbling if you apply coats that are too thick.  Just something to keep in mind.

I should also mention that I used topcoat (INM's Out The Door) with both of these Color Club polishes, and the holographic effect was not diminished!  That's a huge bonus for me, because I love me a quick-dry topcoat.

Comparison time:

Color Club- Halo-graphic, Nfu Oh- #62

Artificial light:

I didn't swatch these on real nails because they're quite different, but I thought some people might like to see a side-by-side anyway.

Nfu Oh- 62 is much more of a peach shade, while Halo-graphic is definitely pink (and seems to be a stronger holo- go figure!)


  1. I want these so badly! I hope Santa is good to me this year! Thanks for the post!