October 12, 2012

Mail-time: Color Club Halo Hues Holographics!

The Hound has discovered another delivery! (Please excuse his scary, long talons- he thinks he's the star of the show.)

"Fragile Handle With Care" is a good sign on a box 'round these parts! It means polish- oi!

A tiny box inside of a long, bigger box.  Lots of bubble wrap and air padding.

Those tops are Color Club logos- I know what these polishes are:

Two of the polishes from the highly-anticipated Halo Hues collection, which are holographic polishes.  I chose only two of the six from the collection because, to be honest, I'm slightly fatigued of pastel holographics.  However, these two will be unique to my collection.

Color Club- Harp On It, Color Club- Halo-graphic

The holographic effect usually does not show up in the lightbox, so I can already tell that these two are very strong, apparent linear holos- yay!

Now I need to wait for some sunny weather!

Swatches to come- stay tuned!


  1. where did you order from? i can't find a good price!

    1. I actually just bought them directly from Color Club, so I paid full price, unfortunately. I don't think any of their suppliers have good prices on these yet- maybe if you wait a few months? The pigments are more expensive, so I don't think $10 is too bad for a holographic polish, though, especially compared to others on the market.