October 10, 2012

Color Club Fall 2012 In True Fashion Polishes, Part 2 [Swatch]

The final polish I have from the Fall 2012 In True Fashion collection is Color Club- Editorial, a green to gold/yellow duochrome. 

This polish, as you're probably aware, is a dupe for the famous Chanel- Peridot and its many clones: OPI- Just Spotted The Lizard, China Glaze- Rare & Radiant, GAP- Gold Rush, Catrice- Genius In The Bottle, ect, ect!

Artificial light, two coats:

I'm sorry about the overabundance of pictures- I get carried away photographing duochromes!

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, Sun:

Outside, shade:

Formula: Was very nice- not too thin or thick, flowing over the nail and self-levelling well. Very easy to apply-

However, this polish has some brush stroke issues, that, no matter how carefully you may apply in straight lines (which is hard to do by the way, because nails naturally curve), are unavoidable.  The brush-strokiness is not noticeable from normal distances, and it won't keep me from wearing the polish, but I thought I'd mention it since some of you lacqueristas *ahem* are particular about polishes (And, justifiably so!).

I also noticed that this chipped quite readily, but I think a lot of duochrome formulas do, so that's not out of the ordinary. I would have worn it for more than one day though, if it hadn't!

Bottom Line: If you're a fan of duochromes, then you need Editorial or one of the myriad dupes in your arsenal!  I can see myself trading this one for another, though, if any of the other formulas suffer less from the brush stroke issue.

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