October 4, 2012

China Glaze 2012 Wicked Halloween Collection [Swatch] & [Review]

Today I have three of the six polishes from the China Glaze Wicked 2012 Halloween collection, left to right (above):       Make A Spectacle, Immortal, and Bizarre Blurple.

First up-

China Glaze- Bizarre Blurple is a purple base packed with very, very dense bright blue shimmer particles.

Artificial light, two coats:

It's a true "blurple," looking indigo-blue in some lighting and purple in others.  Really pretty on the nails!

Window-filtered daylight:

It almost has a duochrome-y-ness, depending on whether or not light is reflecting off of the shimmer particles. (See the pinky nail above.)

Outside, shade:


Look at that shimmer- ah!  Gorgeousssssss...

A lot of the time, it looks like this- more purple than blue:


Formula: Very good. Not too thin or thick; covers easily in two coats. Nothing much to say about this one!

Blurple comparison time!

Left to Right: OPI- Russian Navy, China Glaze- Bizarre Blurple, Orly- Royal Velvet

Index to Pinkie: Orly- Royal Velvet, China Glaze- Bizarre Blurple, OPI- Russian Navy,  China Glaze- Bizarre Blurple

Unfortunately, my photos don't really show it, but the shimmer in Orly- Royal Velvet is a much different color than the shimmer in Bizarre Blurple: it's more of a teal, while Bizarre Blurple's is more of a straight blue.  The two polishes don't really look that much alike in real life.

Index to Pinkie: Orly- Royal Velvet, China Glaze- Bizarre Blurple, OPI- Russian Navy,  China Glaze- Bizarre Blurple

OPI- Russian Navy is much darker and bluer than Bizarre Blurple.


Nextly, here is China Glaze- Immortal, a cool grey with surprising blue and magenta shimmer.  There may be some silver shimmer particles in there too- I'm not totally sure.

Articial light, two coats:

The base color definitely has green or possibly blue undertones to it.  It pulls green on me, but it's a cool-green, which is nice.

Immortal was a color that I initially passed up, but I kept seeing pretty swatches and people saying they couldn't capture the awesome shimmer, so I had to find out for myself!

Window-filtered daylight:

It's true- I found it totally impossible to capture the subtleties of the shimmer!  The blue shimmer is most prominent, but there is also pink/magenta if you look closely.

The magenta shimmer makes this polish totally unique, in my opinion.  I only wish there was a little more of it mixed in there!

Direct sun:

Outside, shade:

Formula: I had no issues applying this, but I think some people might benefit from adding a drop or two of thinner.  It's not gloopy, per se, but it's very thick, so when you apply the second coat you need to be careful that there's not too much polish on the brush.

Up close:

I really enjoyed wearing this one, and I'm glad I went back to get it.


Lastly, (and possibly, most importantly) is China Glaze- Make A Spectacle, a clear base filled with iridescent(!) large hexagonal glitter and smaller, irregularly-shaped iridescent glitter particles.

The swatches show one coat layered over Bizarre Blurple (artificial light):

It's a fantastically gorgeous layering polish, and I don't know if you could tell from the bottle shot, but I've already used a ton of it!  I never buy back up bottles, and I'm considering buying a back-up of Make A Spectacle- it just looks great over everything!

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:


Make A Spectacle does have an overall green tinge to it, so the more layers you add, the greener the base polish will appear:

(layered over Bizarre Blurple)

It looks totally different if you build it up to three coats, sort of like fish or sea monster skin/scales.

Let's look at these pretty hexies up close!

So. Gorgeous.  I'm dying.

Formula: Was what you would expect from a clear suspension base full of glitter.  It's not gloopy though, and there is no shortage of hexies in there, so you don't have to work to coat the nail.

So, nerdy polish excitement-fueled mania set in, and I had to create a whole swatch wheel to show some layering options:

From the Top (white), Clockwise:
1. Sally Hansen Insta-dri: Whirlwind White
2. Zoya- Dovima
3. OPI- Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous
4. Model's Own- Copper Pot
5. Orly- Buried Alive
6. Orly- Country Club Khaki
7. Essie- Armed And Ready
8. Essie- Bangle Jangle
9. China Glaze- Westside Warrior
10. OPI- Jade Is The New Black
11. A England- Galahad
12. Essie- Mesmerize
13. Essie- Sag Harbor
14. Color Club- Coral Cascade
15. Zoya- LC
16. Butter London- Cake-Hole
17. Nubar- Contempo
18. Zoya- Blair

These are all outside, natural light, in the shade:

Left to Right: Orly- Buried Alive, Model's Own- Copper Pot, OPI- Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

It does lend a greenish cast to everything you layer it over.

Left to Right: China Glaze- Westside Warrior, Essie- Bangle Jangle, Essie- Armed And Ready

I think it looks awesome and edgy over anything olive green, like China Glaze- Westside Warrior.  Over Essie- Bangle Jangle, it looks more delicate, but still really gorgeous.  There are so many options!

Left to Right: Zoya- Blair, Nubar- Contempo, Butter London- Cake-Hole

Left to Right: Essie- Sag Harbor, Essie- Mesmerize, A England- Galahad

I also really liked it over Essie- Mesmerize, a medium blue creme.

So, I'd say if you were only going to get one polish from the Wicked collection, it should be Make A Spectacle.  I'll definitely be using it year-round.  I mean, iridescent hexies! Ahhhhhh!


  1. wow make a spectacle looks so cool!! I want it!!
    gorgeous pictures!

    1. Thanks, you should get it! It's so versatile. (Bad influence, haha!)

  2. Amazing post, really thorough! This is a very good collection!

    1. Thank you! Yea, I ended up liking the colors I got more than I thought I would- a good thing!

  3. I know this is an old post but I was just debating getting this polish and that swatch wheel at the end convinced me. Gorgeous!

    1. Lol, I need to start using Make A Spectacle again...sooooooo pretty on EVERYTHING! Thanks for reminding me!