September 29, 2012

[Swatch] & [Comparison ] Orly- Ignite

Here is Orly- Ignite from the Fall 2012 Fired Up collection.  I can't remember why I was only attracted to this polish in particular- I guess I'm just into jellies lately!

Ignite is a medium, warm-neutral blood red jelly.

Artificial light, 3 coats:

I used three coats because I was curious about how dark it was going to get (And there is still some VNL, although not bad).

Window-filtered daylight:

So I am a little disappointed with this.  I was hoping it would be more of a bright, cool-toned cherry red jelly.  In most lighting, though, it looks like a typical, medium-tone blood red.  Maybe a blood red on the lighter side.  On me it sort of looks like a grandma-ish color.  Don't know why.

On the plus side, it's super shiny, like most jellies, and really looks like a gel manicure for that reason.  You could also wear it just fine at two coats (for more of a bright red) if you don't mind the slightest bit of visible nail line (with jellies, I really don't mind VNL).

Outside, shade:

Formula:  I found Ignite's formula to be confusing.  That's not to say it is bad; I really didn't have any problems with it actually.  I kept thinking 'Ooooh I am about to flood the cuticle,' but then the polish magically stuck to my nail and didn't run away out of control.

The viscosity is sort of thin and thick at the same time.  I know that makes no sense, but it's hard to describe.  At any rate, it was fairly easy to apply, so no problems.

Comparison time!

 Orly- Ignite, Essie- Limited Addiction, OPI- Malaga Wine

When I first swatched this, I thought for sure it was going to be a dupe for Essie- Limited Addiction, but I took the swatch sticks outside, and nope:

Left to Right: Orly- Ignite, Essie Limited Addiction, OPI- Malaga Wine

I also compared it to the next closest red I have which is OPI- Malaga Wine (a creme), which I actually really love.

More bottle shots, outside light:

 Essie- Limited Addiction, Orly- Ignite, OPI- Malaga Wine

So, no dupes here.  Ignite and Essie- Limited Addiction are certainly similar, but Limited Addiction is a shade darker and is more of a crelly than a jelly. In most lights they look almost identical, so you may not need both in your collection!


  1. I think this colour looks great on you! I also love how shiny it looks, I think that for reds jelly is definitely the way to go

    1. Well thank you, haha! I do love the shine though.

  2. This red looks amazing on you!! I passed on this shade and now I think I need it lol!