September 11, 2012

[Swatch] Color Club- Raspberry Rush

I wanted to squeeze in a really good Summery bright color before the Fall tones take over, so here is Color Club- Raspberry Rush from the Summer 211 Wicked Sweet Collection:

Raspberry Rush is a very bright, almost neon, lightest-fuschia or dark berry-pink jelly.  I think it dries slightly darker than the bottle color, but it could be an optical illusion.

Historically, I've been averse to pinks, but I'm coming around and I love this one.

This is not a Barbie pink- it photographs lighter than it actually is. (I think it's just too bright/saturated for the camera.)

It's a really happy color, and definitely an attention-grabber. It has an uber-shiny jelly finish, so you don't even need a topcoat (but the addiction to quick-dry topcoats will not subside- so what can you do?!).


Three coats, and still some VNL:

Window-filtered natural light:

(This is probably the closest to how it appears in real life.)

Outside, shade:

This polish is also scented, and it lingered for about 48 hours on my hands, even under a topcoat.  It's a very sweet candy-scent.  I can't quite put my finger on it but it is very familiar. Maybe like the berry-flavored Nerds?

Formula: Was really nice! It's on the thicker side (in a good way), not gloopy. Self-levels beautifully. You do still have visible nail line after 3 coats, so that might perturb some people.

The only issue I had was how it dried. It set pretty quickly initially, but I was able to dent one of my nails almost 12 hours after application, even under a quick-dry topcoat. Hmmm. But that's the only negative thing I have to say about this polish.


  1. I am so happy I found this! I just painted my nails with this color and was wondering if it was scented or if I was imagining it! Also, I have Shambolic that is still just sitting lonely in my Helmer if you were still lemming over it :) Your blog is awesome and hopefully I can get to your blogging level one day!

  2. Thanks for reading! :) I left you a comment on your blog since I couldn't figure out how to message you (possibly having a durrrr moment.) :)