September 8, 2012

Mail-time: Cirque Colors Dark Horse Polishes

Oh, what's that Hambone?

(looking especially derpy)
Ok, so what's in that box?!

first layer...

second layer...

third layer...what's that?

Oh- cute. Very thoughtful and well-presented.

Individually bagged and wrapped!

And...the polishes-5 from the debut Dark Horse Collection:

Left to Right: Epoch, Vaudeville, Tibetan Nights, Never Nude, Dark Horse

When I saw Cirque made a polish (Never Nude) referencing Arrested Development, I knew I had to order some!

From the Cirque Colors website:
Cirque is an artisanal line of hand-blended nail polish made in New York.  The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, represents the color wheel and the endless color possibilities in the continuum.  Creator, Annie Pham, sought to develop colors that transcend those of conventional brands by experimenting with unique pigments and raw materials.

Bottle Shots!

the colors!

The packaging on these is lovely, especially the offset corner labels, and I can't wait to swatch and wear these.

All Cirque polishes are Big-3 free, and come in .45oz bottles. Polishes in the Dark Horse Collection range from $12-$16.

Swatches coming soon!

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