September 15, 2012

Nail Art: Easy Bright Summer Ruffian

Ruffian manicures are basically the inverse of half-moon designs- at least that's the way I think about it.  They are really easy to do without guides, so they're my favorite way to change up an old nail design quickly or disguise tipwear.

I think they were actually my first ever foray into nail art, after becoming obsessed with polish.

This one is free-hand, and it's not perfect but it looked pretty sharp in real life.

The pink base color is Color Club- Raspberry Rush, and the blueish color is Orly- Bailamos, which was a Sally Beauty impulse purchase for me, but I ended up really liking it!

Window- filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

These colors together are sort of 80's-Exercise-Video, but I'm OK with that.


  1. This is gorgeous! I loooove blue and pink together, they're my two favourite colours, so of course they look awesome together haha

    1. It is definitely bright and fun- I have to be in the mood for it!

  2. I also like combinate pink with blue. :) Nice mani.