September 29, 2012

[Swatch] & [Comparison ] Orly- Ignite

Here is Orly- Ignite from the Fall 2012 Fired Up collection.  I can't remember why I was only attracted to this polish in particular- I guess I'm just into jellies lately!

Ignite is a medium, warm-neutral blood red jelly.

Artificial light, 3 coats:

I used three coats because I was curious about how dark it was going to get (And there is still some VNL, although not bad).

Window-filtered daylight:

So I am a little disappointed with this.  I was hoping it would be more of a bright, cool-toned cherry red jelly.  In most lighting, though, it looks like a typical, medium-tone blood red.  Maybe a blood red on the lighter side.  On me it sort of looks like a grandma-ish color.  Don't know why.

On the plus side, it's super shiny, like most jellies, and really looks like a gel manicure for that reason.  You could also wear it just fine at two coats (for more of a bright red) if you don't mind the slightest bit of visible nail line (with jellies, I really don't mind VNL).

Outside, shade:

Formula:  I found Ignite's formula to be confusing.  That's not to say it is bad; I really didn't have any problems with it actually.  I kept thinking 'Ooooh I am about to flood the cuticle,' but then the polish magically stuck to my nail and didn't run away out of control.

The viscosity is sort of thin and thick at the same time.  I know that makes no sense, but it's hard to describe.  At any rate, it was fairly easy to apply, so no problems.

Comparison time!

 Orly- Ignite, Essie- Limited Addiction, OPI- Malaga Wine

When I first swatched this, I thought for sure it was going to be a dupe for Essie- Limited Addiction, but I took the swatch sticks outside, and nope:

Left to Right: Orly- Ignite, Essie Limited Addiction, OPI- Malaga Wine

I also compared it to the next closest red I have which is OPI- Malaga Wine (a creme), which I actually really love.

More bottle shots, outside light:

 Essie- Limited Addiction, Orly- Ignite, OPI- Malaga Wine

So, no dupes here.  Ignite and Essie- Limited Addiction are certainly similar, but Limited Addiction is a shade darker and is more of a crelly than a jelly. In most lights they look almost identical, so you may not need both in your collection!

September 25, 2012

[Swatch] Butter London- Posh Bird

Here is the last (I would assume?) exclusive New York Fashion Week polish from Butter London, Posh Bird:

Artificial light, two coats:

Posh Bird is a taupey-purple base with dense silver microshimmer.  It's definitely in the "mushroom-colors" family, which happens to be one of my favorite families.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

I do like this polish, and it would flatter many skin tones- a really easy color to wear. I'm not over the moon about it though. I think it's one of those colors that, aesthetically, you really love examining up close, but when you see your hands in the mirror, it's just like 'eh.'  Why is that?! 

Maybe it will grow on me- it's a nice color, and I have never seen a taupe like this with shimmer, or at least I can't think of one.


Up close, to get an idea of the finish/ shimmer:

It's your basic super-dense microshimmer finish.

Formula: Really nice, I had no issues. Some people might think it is too thick, but it's not gloopy at all.  Covers in two coats, as long as you don't wimp out and make them too thin (like I did on my ring finger- can you see the VNL?! Oops. I didn't notice it until I started taking photos.)

And, I don't have much of anything exactly to compare it to (which makes me happy, because I hate buying dupes!). 

Here it is next to Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Commander In Chic, so you can get an idea of the taupe-i-ness:

Sally Hansen CSM- Commander In Chic, Butter London- Posh Bird

(Please excuse how beat-up my Commander In Chic is! It is a well-loved and oft-traveled polish.)

I do think that Posh Bird's base color is closer to Commander in Chic than it looks here.  All that silver shimmer makes the polish look a lot cooler when the light hits it.

Butter London- Posh Bird, Nubar- Gem, Sally Hansen CSM- Commander In Chic

And although Nubar- Gem is holographic and much more in-your-face-sparkle, they have a similar tone going on.  Again, Posh Bird's dense microshimmer makes it look really silver in comparison (at least in the lightbox).

And, lastly, here is Posh Bird next to Butter London- All Hail The Queen, which I think might help resolve some issues for people.  They aren't really close at all:

Butter London- All Hail The Queen, Butter London- Posh Bird

September 24, 2012

Mail-time: Another(!) Exclusive Butter London Polish, Posh Bird

Ham has detected a box!

Noooo, it's not for you. (Looks like I need to be trimming/ painting his nails soon...)

Give me my treat already, woman!

Ahyes, my Butter London order has arrived, happy day!

It's Posh Bird, another New York Fashion Week exclusive that I, apparently, could not say no to. (With Cake-Hole in the background, a Macy's exclusive I'd been lemming a while, so I decided to make BL's extravagant shipping costs worth it!)

It seems to be a really nice mushroomy taupe (along the lines of Sephora by OPI- Metro Chic or Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Commander In Chic) with beautiful silver (and maybe gold, not sure yet) shimmer running through it.

Butter London- Cake-Hole, Butter London- Posh Bird

Stay tuned, I plan on swatching this tomorrow!

Color Club Fall 2012 In True Fashion Polishes, Part 1

Today I have a couple of polishes from the Fall 2012 In True Fashion collection by Color Club.

First is-Color Club- Port-folio :

First of all, I don't get the name.  Maybe I'm being dense, but what's with the hyphen? I don't understand!!  All I can think of is port wine, but that's not this color purple.  Hmmm...

Artifical light, two coats:

All is forgiven, however, because the color is just, colloquially speaking, amazeballs:

Window-filtered daylight:

Port-folio is a purple to green/teal duochrome.

I feel like a trashy cyborg space lizard when I wear this, but I love it.  Seriously, this may be the most dramatic duochrome polish I own.  I wore it for two days, and the entire time I was rubbernecking my hands.  I probably looked a little spaced out!

Sometimes, it can look a little brush-strokey, but it's very hard to notice in real life, and doesn't bother me at all. 

Outside, shade:


I only have three polishes from the Fall 2012 In True Fashion collection, but I'm sure Port-folio is going to be the stand-out.

Formula: Another two-coat duochrome, amazing! Application was very easy.  I'm really a fan of Color Club's formulas. I also wore it for 48 hours, and it seems to chip easily. It's worth it, though, especially since it is so easy to apply.

Now, comparison time!  I thought I must have a douchrome similar to this, but negatory!

Left to Right: Color Club- Port-folio, Nubar- Indigo Illusion, Nubar- Purple Beach, Zoya- Ki, Orly- Space Cadet

The closest is definitely Nubar- Indigo Illusion, but you can see that the shift colors are inverted. In Port-folio, the edges of the nail shift purple and the center is greenish, while in Nubar- Indigo Illusion the opposite is true.

Color Club- Port-folio, Nubar- Indigo Illusion

Color Club- Port-folio, Nubar- Indigo Illusion

There's been a lot of comparing it to Zoya- Ki in the nail blogosphere, but they are not really alike at all, in my opinion:

Color Club- Port-folio, Zoya- Ki

Here they all are again in different order:

Orly- Space Cadet, Nubar- Purple Beach, Nubar- Indigo Illusion, Color Club- Port-folio, Zoya- Ki

Next to all of those it looks very blue-green shifty, but in reality, worn on its own, it's purple/indigo- green.  And, it is a very strong duochrome, looking a little different in every lighting situation.

Color Club- In The Limelight :

This is sort of a dark periwinkle or cornflower creme.  I have nothing to compare it to.  It doesn't go with my purples, and it doesn't go with my blues.  Sort of crazy!

It does pull very blue on camera because all DSLR sensors have trouble rendering violet. (Many things that appear purple are actually mixtures of red, blue, and violet- and it is the latter that poses a problem for digital photography.)

So, please excuse the wonky white balance; I have attempted to correct for the camera and show In The Limelight as it appears in real life.

Outside, shade:

(And it's still too blue, so imagine something purple-er.)

Outside, sun:

(This is the most color-accurate photo.)

Window-filtered daylight:

It's a unique color, and really quite pretty.  I believe Deborah Lippmann- I Know What Boys Like is supposed to be dupish.

Formula:  In The Limelight has a nice creme formula- not too thin, not too thick.  Covers in two coats, no problems.  Also, I wore this for almost 4 days, and no chips!

Stay tuned for Part Deux!