August 28, 2012

Mail-time: Zoya BOGO Time!

Oh look, Ham has found something:

A Zoya box! Nail mail time is very exciting for me, but the hound is indifferent. Let's see what's inside...

Zoya is very good to their customers, and frequently has ridiculous, irresistible sales.  Their most recent is a Back to School BOGO, which I believe continues through tomorrow!  If you order 6 polishes (3 of them will be free), you also receive free, I believe I got 6 polishes for ~$24.00, which is an awesome deal. 

I decided to pick up the entire Gloss collection (three jelly shades), as well as Blair, Kristen, and LC.

From left to right:  Blair, Kristen, LC, Katherine, Paloma, Frida
Bottle shots!

Swatches to come, stay posted!