August 30, 2012

Nail Art: Syrup Nails with Zoya Frida

Frida was the first polish from Zoya's Gloss collection that I had to try out.  Teal Jelly! (Need I say more?)

I immediately wanted to do a syrup manicure with it. 

 As you can see, Frida is very sheer (being a jelly finish and all), but is actually quite buildable for that happy, squishy look!

On the accent nail, I used Revlon's Blue Mosaic in between the third and fourth layers of Frida, creating the proverbially-known "jelly sandwich."

I loooooove hexagonal glitter! Do you?


  1. Gorgeous!! I LOVE teal and was over the moon about Frida, stalked Ulta for weeks til I got my hands on it! I actually just bought a back up bottle of it, which I never do! But I can't bear to run out of this one!

  2. Thanks! That's too funny about the backup bottle- I never buy backups either.