August 25, 2012

Nail Art: Two-Tone Diagonal & Striping Tape

 What better way to begin this blog, than to share one of my very rare nail art successes?

This is A England "Lady of the Lake" (purple holo) with A England "Saint George" (teal holo), as well as some gold striping tape- the likes of which did not stay on for much longer than 24-hours, sadly.

I can't recommend A England polishes enough.  Their formula is dreamy: self-leveling without being too runny or too gloopy.  It practically applies itself.  Their color range also speaks to me.  Jewel tones, hello!

Welcome to Polish Hound!


  1. First off beautiful blog and well formatted post! Nice color and picture descriptions! I think I may borrow some ideas from your blog :) Look forward to seeing more cool posts!